Bridget Murray

Bridget Murray

Bridget Murray, Director of Commercial Risk Advisors

Director of Operations

Bridget is the Director of Operations at The Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc.

Bridget is also a licensed property and casualty agent and broker and is responsible for all human resource functions, including managing the personal risk advisory team, accounting, and intercompany relationships.

Bridget’s career path did not lead straight to The Murray Group.  She was employed as a commercial property insurance broker at Marsh and then became a commercial property underwriter at AIG and Chubb.  In June of 2011, Bridget moved from Manhattan to Albany, NY to work with her family.

Bridget Murray is the twin sister of Lauren Murray, grew up in Albany and attended Bethlehem Central High School.  She played basketball at the University of Hartford for four years and was two-time captain of the team.

As the captain, she demonstrated her ability to lead and provide clear and motivational communication.  She continues to work with the University of Hartford athletic programs and is a supporter of breast cancer awareness.

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The Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc.
Director of Commercial Risk Advisors
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Albany, New York 12203
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