TMG Cares


At The Murray Group, we genuinely care about our partners, our employees and the community that we are a part of. Without these three stakeholders, we could not exist today.

This is why we started a program called TMG Cares. With TMG Cares, we as an agency donate our time and resources to particular non-profit organizations within our community as well as to our partners. We also give our team an allotment of hours per year to donate their time to non-profit organizations of their choice.

As part of TMG Cares, we strongly support America’s veterans. Without our veterans, we would not have the security and freedoms that we enjoy today as citizens of the United States. We want our veterans to live healthy and peaceful lives upon their return from war, which is why we support Team RWB. Watch our short video here to learn more about our involvement.

Here are just some of the organizations that The Murray Group and The Murray Group team have supported since TMG Cares was formed:

Community Caregivers                        Team RWB

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society        Susan G Komen

Homeward Bound Dog Rescue          Forever Home Dog Rescue

TMG was recognized in the Times Union for the work we are doing as part of TMG Cares. Read the article here.