NY Auto Insurance Liability

We take pride in building NY auto insurance policies for our insurance clients. However, we take even more pride in educating our clients on the coverage included in those policies, such as NY auto insurance liability. We don’t sell on price, and we don’t sell on gimmicks, gifts, or bonuses.

ny auto insurance liabilityAt the Murray Group, we sell on protection, communication and proactive service.

When the worst happens, our goal is to make sure you have the proper NY insurance coverage in place that will “financially” (very important to understand, financially) protect your family, your business, and you.

With this in mind, I’d like to focus on NY auto insurance.  This is a four part series:

Part I: NY Auto Insurance Liability

Part II: NY Auto Insurance No Fault

Part III: NY  Auto Insurance Uninsured Motorist

Part IV: NY Auto Insurance Full Coverage

Part V: NY Auto Insurance Deductibles

NY Auto Insurance Liability

NY auto insurance liability is so important, and it’s critical you purchase enough of this coverage. In the event of a serious accident (god forbid any of you ever have one… seriously), your auto insurance deductible is the LEAST important feature of your auto insurance policy.

Let’s say you’re driving down Madison Avenue near Lark Street in Albany, New York.  There is a lot of foot traffic in this area of the city, and the intersection can be quite hectic.

You look down for a split second to change the radio station and WHAM! You smear a 28 year-old lawyer meeting some colleagues for a drink.  She passes (again, god forbid).

What are you going to do?

The WORST just happened to you

Flash ahead to two weeks later.  You are now being sued by this young woman’s husband for her medical expense, funeral/burial expense, and 20 years worth of income she would have brought to her young family.  You are screwed…

Your NY auto insurance deductible isn’t going to do CRAP for you now.

Skimping on NY auto insurance liability coverage so you could have that $250 collision deductible just ruined your life.

Your NY auto insurance liability is a coverage designed to protect you when the WORST happens.

Your comprehensive and collision coverage is small potatoes compared to the loss you can sustain if you kill someone.  Don’t think it can’t happen to you.  It happens everyday to people just like you.

When you contact us (or call (518) 456-6688) about your NY auto insurance, the discussion should focus on “How much liability can I get?”. It shouldn’t focus on “How low of a comp deductible can I afford?”.

Making “the right” decision – to maximize your NY auto insurance liability – could save your family’s and your lives some day.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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NY Auto Insurance Liability by
Ryan Hanley

Ryan Hanley

Director of Marketing at The Murray Group
Ryan is the Director of Marketing for The Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc. Ryan is also the Founder of Content Warfare Podcast, one of the fastest growing podcasts on iTunes dedicated to digital marketing.
Ryan Hanley


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