Our Brand is Family | The Murray Group Pledge

Two generations of the Murray family...

Two generations of the Murray family

Our Brand is Family

At The Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc., we’re extremely passionate about what we do, the families and businesses we serve, and the community we belong to.

The Murray Group Pledge

Our Brand is Family. This simple, yet powerful video is our pledge to the individuals, businesses and community that we serve with the utmost care and respect every day.

We have dedicated ourselves to helping others protect what matters most to them, and it all starts with family. Family is an ideal larger than just the name on the sign. It is a belief that we are all in this together and helping one another succeed.

Family transcends The Murray Group team and partners to include anyone who needs our help, in whatever capacity we can provide it. Family governed our actions here at The Murray Group long before we created this video. The video is just a small way of putting forty years of belief into sixty seconds.

The following video was created from the words of our staff.  We, as an agency, pledge to be more than just the people that sell you insurance. We want to be your partner.

Enjoy Our Brand is Family:

Here is an image outlining The Murray Group pledge and the text you see in the Our Brand is Family video. If you’d like a closer look at the message you just saw, continue to scroll down further read The Murray Group pledge.

The Murray Group Pledge