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We are your resource for all risk management and insurance related questions. If you are unable to contact us during the day, you can visit our Bill Pay so you can make a payment or visit the Claims Center to report a claim.

You can visit the following websites for additional information on:

New York State Approved Online Defensive Driving

New York Safety Council offers online defensive driving courses. The defensive driving discount is applicable for 3 years and allows you to save approximately 10% on your auto insurance premiums.

A.M. Best Insurance Carrier Rating

A.M. Best is a leading insurance industry rating and information agency. This website provides financial strength ratings for every insurance company throughout the U.S. In addition, A.M. Best is a recognized source for current insurance industry news.

National Flood Insurance Program

The National Flood Insurance Program website provides a wealth of information about flood insurance. Because of the changing climate and natural disasters we have experienced throughout the country, flood insurance is more relevant now than ever before.

Insurance Information Institute

The Insurance Information Institute’s mission is to improve the general public’s understanding of insurance – how it works and what it does. The website covers many different topics ranging from personal insurance to commercial insurance.

CARCO Vehicle Inspection Locator

The Carco Group is well known for providing vehicle inspections for the insurance industry. This website is helpful when you have to locate a site to take your car for an insurance inspection.

New York State DMV

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website is helpful if you have questions about issues such as your vehicle’s registration or title. The site also includes downloadable DMV forms.

NADA Guides is particularly useful if you need to obtain the market value of your vehicle. By knowing the market value of your vehicle, you can make an informed decision about whether or not you need physical damage coverage.

New York State Insurance Department

The consumer section of the New York State Insurance Department’s website provides helpful information about a wide range of topics including home, auto, health, and life insurance.