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2 Insurance Concerns when Moving into a New Home

I just bought a new home at the end of May.

new home insuranceThe last two weeks have been spent moving and painting and reorganizing, moving and painting and reorganizing, moving and painting…  You get the point.  Lot’s of fruitless work to get settled as fast as you can…

So as I was moving my crap from our old house to the new house my insurance mind began to spin with all the potential risk you and your are property are exposed to during this ordeal.

Moving stinks, but having to deal with an insurance claim during a move would be a nightmare.  Now consider a loss during a move that you don’t have coverage for…

That is a Freddy Kruger Nightmare!

2 Insurance Concerns when Moving into a New Home

  1. Auto Liability – If you’re like me you wanted to purchase the biggest u-haul they would sell you.  First, because driving big-rigs is awesome and makes you feel very much Man (just pounded my chest) and second, because you want to take the least amount of trips back and forth between new house and old.  In most cases your personal auto policy provides liability protection in the event of accident.  But if you have crappy limits and can’t control the 24 foot u-haul you’re in big trouble…
  2. Valuable Property – When your buddies come over to help you move the priority is not so much getting your stuff to the new house in pristine order as it is just getting the job done.  So when your good friend, (who was commonly known for his beer chugging skills in college), grabs hold of the $5,000 wine bottle painting you bought the last time you were in Rhode Island, you better hope you bought a Valuable Articles endorsement on new homeowners insurance policy.

The Rub

There are potentials liability issues in almost everything you do in life… By spending the time to discuss your concerns with an insurance professional from The Murray Group we can help to make sure you don’t need to worry about those liability issues.

Thank you.


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