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Don’t Wait for “Life Moments” to Buy Insurance

Life MomentsTo an insurance salesperson, the difference between success and failure often comes down to when you make connect with a consumer. New home purchases, new business startups, newborn grandchildren, changes in retirement plans – they all present opportunities to evaluate a person’s needs.

However, to an insurance consumer (YOU!) waiting for “Life Moments” to review, upgrade, or heaven forbid begin coverage means procrastinating on insurance coverage you most likely need NOW!

Did you know that many insurance carriers will allow an engaged couple that is living together (Catholics cover your eyes) to combine their Auto policies?

That means you have access to Multi-Car discounts.  You should use those discounts to increase At-Fault Liability coverage since most Bachelors and Bachelorettes carry reduced amounts of coverage.  Don’t wait until you get married to combine Auto policies, there is no reason to do so other than laziness…

There are discounts available that you are not getting!

This is just one example that really speaks to the larger point that as an insurance consumer you need to be reviewing your coverage on a regular basis.

In a perfect world I would say review your coverage every year, but life is busy.   So dedicate yourself to reviewing your Personal Insurance Program every other year.  That means checking the Replacement Cost, reviewing carriers, making sure proper endorsements have been added to your policy, etc.

Review Your Insurance Program Every Other Year

You may be asking yourself…

How do I review my personal insurance program every other year? 

Calling direct writers and putting my personal information into ten different websites can be very cumbersome, time consuming, and a little scary.  Furthermore, who do you trust?  Who is going to advise you on what coverage is necessary to protect your unique exposures?

Let me blow your mind with this answer…. Find a Quality Independent Insurance Agent like the Murray Group!

If you live in New York I would love for that to Me… (Contact us)…  If you don’t live in New York and would like the name of a good agent in your State I will help if I can.

The Rub

A lot people will take this article as a sales pitch.  I hope you do not.

I want you to work with an independent insurance agent because I wholeheartedly believe in the system.  The flexibility and knowledge Independent Insurance Agents provide is unparalleled in the Market.

Don’t wait for something BAD to happen before you review your insurance.  Ask your friends, family, co-workers for recommendations and then call around to some local agents.  Find one you click with and review your insurance every two years.

Thank you!

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