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NY Auto Insurance Deductibles

We take a lot of pride in building Albany NY auto insurance policies for our insurance partners.  We don’t sell on price, we don’t sell on gimmicks, gifts, or bonuses.

ny auto insuranceAt The Murray Group, we sell on protection, communication and proactive service.

When the worst happens, our goal is to make sure you have the proper Albany NY insurance coverage in place that will “financially” (very important to understand, financially) protect you, your family and your business.

With this in mind, I’d like to focus on Albany NY auto insurance.  This is a four part series:

Part I: NY Auto Insurance Liability

Part II: NY Auto Insurance No Fault

Part III: NY  Auto Insurance Un-Insured Motorist

Part IV: NY Auto Insurance Full Coverage

Part V: NY Auto Insurance Deductibles

NY Auto Insurance Deductibles

When discussing auto insurance with a new client, deductibles are often the first thing that client wants to talk about.

Is there a way to save money and get the deductibles lower?

Auto insurance consumers are very concerned with deductibles because they see deductibles as the money they will have to spend to get their cars fixed after an accident. To a certain extent, they are not wrong.


What is an Albany NY Auto Insurance Deductible?

Basically, the auto insurance deductible is the portion of repair costs that the policy holder will have to pay before the insurance company starts to contribute.

If you have a $500 deductible and a $1,000 loss…

…you will pay $500 and the insurance company will pay $500.

On most auto insurance policies, the deductible only applies to physical damage losses and not to liability losses.

It is important to remember that carrying a higher deductible amount can lower your monthly auto insurance premiums.

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