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Your Swimming Pool is a Very Attractive Nuisance

The Insurance Information Institute recently published an article on the insurance and safety implications of owning a swimming pool:

This article brings to its reader’s attention the very serious liability concerns associated with owning a swimming pool no matter what size, shape or depth.  As a swimming pool owner you are responsible for everything that happens in the pool regardless if you are home or not.

attractive nuisanceMany pool owners believe that by fencing in their swimming pool and posting trespassing signs that they are relieving themselves of liability on the pool.  This is not a proper assumption.

According to Wikipedia, under the attractive nuisance doctrine of the law of torts, a landowner may be held liable for injuries to children trespassing on the land if the injury is caused by a hazardous object or condition on the land that is likely to attract children who are unable to appreciate the risk posed by the object or condition.

The attractive nuisance doctrine also applies to jungle-gyms, basketball-hoops, abandoned cars, piles of lumber or sand, trampolines, and swimming pools. However, it can be applied to virtually anything on the property of the landowner.

Understanding your liability as a homeowner is extremely important.  If you have questions as to your liability exposure please contact us for an opinion on your specific risk.

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