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14 NY Business Insurance Coverages Every Small Business Should Consider

ny business insuranceThere are fourteen NY business insurance coverages that should be addressed with every single NY small business owner.

These coverages are basic to protecting every NY business. Some may be combined and included in a business owners package policy or BOP.  Regardless, each should be addressed and, if declined, signed off upon.

By having the NY insurance consumer sign off on coverages that have been discussed (and potentially declined) both parties are held accountable for the accuracy of the business insurance program created.

The following is a list of 14 New York business insurance coverages that every small business owner should consider:

  1. Building and Business Property
  2. General Liability
  3. Business Income
  4. Crime
  5. Cyber Liability
  6. Business Auto
  7. NY Workers Comp
  8. Disability
  9. Professional Liability (Errors and Omission)
  10. Employment Practices Liability
  11. NY Directors and Officers
  12. NY Health Insurance
  13. Voluntary Benefits
  14. Employee Benefits Liability

The Rub

There are so many more business insurance coverages that a business may need. Use this list as the baseline for our discussion of your NY business insurance needs.

There is always the possibility that you will need additional protections, but addressing these coverages first will provide a solid start.

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Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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