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3 Common NY Homeowners Insurance Misconceptions

ny homeowners insurance misconceptionsInsurance is often discussed with a disdain only a Repo Man can admire.

Unfortunately for the passionate insurance Haterz out there, much of the negative emotion surrounding insurance is based on misconceptions. The following is a list of three (3) common misconceptions about NY homeowners insurance:

1) Insurance Companies are Out to Get Me!


You as an NY homeowners insurance consumer pay a fee for a service.  Just because you don’t take the time to understand that service does not mean that your homeowners insurance carrier is out to screw the American public.  This isn’t 1800’s.

No one is holding a pot luck house raising for you if your home burns down. Take the time to make sure your house is properly insured and the insurance will help you put it back up.

2) Have Homeowners Insurance, If there’s a Flood I’m Covered!


Flood Insurance is a separate policy.  Let me say that again, FLOOD INSURANCE IS A SEPARATE POLICY! Don’t end up like so many people that live near rivers, lakes, streams, cricks, swamps, bogs, whatever…

If water seeps into your house through the foundation or spills over your foundation YOU ARE NOT COVERED UNDER A NY HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE POLICY!

You need a flood insurance policy.  Go to this link for FEMA and find out if you live in a Flood Zone.

3) I’ll Call the Insurance Company It’s Just Mold!


Mold is excluded specifically on all typical NY homeowners insurance policies.  This is why you mustn’t wait to get pipe bursts, water-backups, or rain damage cleaned up.

Mold can ravage both the house and its inhabitants.  Furthermore, depending on the level of Mold outbreak you have it can be costly to destroy.

Don’t fall victim to these widely held misconceptions about NY homeowners insurance.  Understand your insurance policies and know where you and your family are at risk.

According to G.I. Joe knowing is half the battle.

If you would like more information on NY homeowners insurance or if you would like to receive a quote for homeowners insurance please give us a call at  (518) 456-6688 and one of our personal insurance specialists will be happy to help.

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