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3 Steps to Save Money on Insurance

Everybody wants to save money on insurance.

But when do you think about your insurance?

save money on insuranceWhen the premiums are too high, right?

When a tree just fell on your house?

When you just rear-ended someone?

When someone just rear-ended you?

When you are served a statement of notice that you are being sued by the postman because you didn’t properly clean off your front steps following a snowstorm?

You think about insurance when it is causing you pain… And that’s OK.  Insurance is a product that most people do not want to think about because it is not tangible.  You can’t watch the Super Bowl on your insurance (Meaning insurance isn’t cool like a TV).

So you wait until your renewal gets jacked up and then scramble to find a company with lower premiums so you can save money on insurance.  Or you get pissed off when a loss isn’t covered properly and switch to the first insurance who comes along because your old agent wasn’t “doing their job.”

Be Proactive to Save Money on Insurance

Trust me, I firmly believe that your independent insurance agent needs to assume an advisory role by guiding you and your family through the process of properly protecting your assets.  However, as a reader of this blog and an educated insurance buyer you must take a proactive role in building your personal insurance program.

DO NOT wait till you feel pain to address your insurance concerns.  Life can get very hectic and I’m not ignorant or naive enough to believe that insurance is the first thing on your priority list.  But I implore you to at least put it on your priority list.  Here are three easy steps to make sure you review your insurance program before you feel the pain…

Step One

  • Take a good look at your home, your car, your savings account, your retirement balance, your children and ask yourself how it would feel to be forced to  sell / cash in these assets to pay for a loss (maybe you wouldn’t be forced to sell the children or maybe you would sell the children first…)

Step Two

  • Contact a The Murray Group.  Make an appointment.  Use this website as an insurance guide and write down any many questions as you think of about your personal insurance program.

Step Three

  • If you like we’ll come to your house to get a good feel for who he/she is and what type of professionals we are.  Also if we come to your house you are more likely to NOT flake on the appointment.

The Rub

Not groundbreaking stuff.  Basically in a nice way I’m trying to say… GID (get it done)!!! Take the steps necessary to save money on insurance.

Don’t push your insurance off till tomorrow because tomorrow something really awful could happen.  Also I’m not saying that you aren’t completely covered in the most proper way right now.  I am saying that even if you are properly covered diligence in reviewing your program is just as important.

Carriers change coverage, your needs change, you may make life changes or changes to your home that don’t seem like a big deal but could have a HUGE effect on your insurance policy…

How about this… Just listen to what I say and GID!

Thank you and Good Luck.

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