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3 Things to LOVE about Insurance

Insurance is a funny business.

People either tolerate it or hate it.

ny insuranceBut who loves insurance?  Even most insurance agents don’t love insurance. Most agents fall into the tolerate group (there is money to made in insurance so why not tolerate it).  I’m sure there are even agents that flat out hate insurance even though they sell insurance every day.

So what is there to Love about Insurance?


(I don’t have quite so much hubris as to believe I am the only one). I love everything about it.

Many of the reasons that I love insurance you either don’t give a damn about or wouldn’t make sense to you (not because your dumb though).

However, there are a few that I feel are relevant to an New York insurance consumer and I wanted to share those with you (and its 845pm and after 13 hours of work I’m struggling with article ideas).

So here they are, in no particular order, 3 Things to LOVE about Insurance!

  1. Insurance, is all about Honesty and Goodness…
    • Unlike your taxes which is a game of “how much can I hide from the government”.  New York insurance carriers reward those that are honest about their risk.  Insurance is about understanding risk.  The better a carrier understands the risk the more flexible they become with pricing. Flexibility in pricing is a good thing!
  2. Insurance, does NOT take vacations…
    • Your NY insurance policy is an investment working 24 hours a day 7 days week.  Your NY insurance policy follows you every where you go in the world.  Your insurance policy does not need a 15 minute break every 3 hours.  Your insurance policy lives and breathes (in the metaphorical sense) protecting you, your family, your business, whatever you tell it to.
  3. Insurance, is a Cheap date…
    • Your New York insurance policy is like that first date who says “I love diners.” Score! I know what your saying to yourself right now, “Insurance is not cheap its a monthly expense that eats into my cash flow.”
    • I can fully appreciate that paying your premium every month is not something you look forward to but let’s look at the reality of what insurance provides.  You own a reasonably sized retail shoe store and pay $1,000 a year for a Business Owners Policy (BOP).  During the winter a 35 year-old doctor walks in your store to get a new pair of shoes, slips on wet linoleum and breaks her back.  What does your insurance policy do, because its the cheapest date ever, your insurance policy says “Who cares you’ve only paid me $1,000, I’m going to give you a $1,000,000 to make sure that you keep your Shoe Store.”  In terms of Value insurance is the Cheapest business expense you have.

So I hope you have a new found Love for Insurance because seriously, what is there not to Love?

If you’d like to work with a premier New York Insurance Provider that LOVES insurance for either your auto, home business or even NY health insurance give us a call at (518) 456-6688 or Click Here to email us.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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