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37 Home Maintenance Tips to Reduce Insurance Claims

37 Home Maintenance TipsEvery homeowner understands the importance of performing routine home maintenance to maintain the overall quality of their home as well as increase the value of their home. 

But good home maintenance can also drastically reduce the opportunity for accidents around the home and damage to the home itself that could potentially lead to an insurance claim. 

Insurance claims can lead to higher homeowners insurance premiums and no one wants to pay more for their insurance… 

…The 37 Home Maintenance Tips eBook is a 32-page guide that will provide you with a plan for the routine everyday, monthly, seasonal and annual maintenance your home needs to keep insurance claims at a minimum.

Download Your Free eBook

We created this free eBook as resource for all homeowners.  Additionally, we listed home maintenance tips that can be easily performed without any complex knowledge of construction.  All the tools necessary to perform the listed home maintenance tips can bought at any local hardware store.

If you are uncomfortable performing any of the listed home maintenance tips we encourage you to call a local, trusted licensed contractor to assist you.

There no guarantee that accidents and associated insurance claims won’t happen…

…but why not do everything you can to prevent them? 

We hope you will download this free guide and begin protecting your home.

Click here to download your free copy of the 37 Home Maintenance Tips today!

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley