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5 Dangers to Motorcyclists on the Road This Season

You’ve been waiting to ride your bike, and for good reason. Riding a motorcycle can be fun for many people. For others, the dangers to motorcyclists outweigh any fun that can be had.

NY motorcycle insurance is critial, but so is general safety!

In fact, motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than people in a car, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (as reported by Consumer Reports). So not only is NY motorcycle insurance very important, but so is general safety.

We are providing you with 5 dangers to motorcyclists to be aware of this season.

Make sure you’re keeping your eyes on the road for these:

  1. Oncoming traffic – Distracted driving is at an all time high. You never know what other drivers are thinking. Drive your motorcycle defensively.
  2. Gravel on the road – Gravel can kill your grip, causing your bike to behave unpredictably and easily causing a wreck.
  3. Car doors – This is particularly an unexpected issue for drivers in cities. Be aware that passengers and drivers may open their doors if you’re driving close.
  4. Bad weather – Weather can change quickly from sunny to soaking wet. Bring proper gear and always check the weather before you head out on your bike.
  5. Panic stops –  Grabbing the brake too hard can lock up your front wheel and throw you off the bike. Always keep your eyes ahead and avoid the potential of slamming on the break. Also, buying a bike with anti-lock breaks can help.

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