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Albany Auto Insurance Quotes

Today we’re going to talk about the best way to receive Albany auto insurance quotes for personal cars and trucks.

albany auto insurance quotesYou’re probably asking yourself what’s different about buying car insurance in Albany, NY versus buying it anywhere else in the country?

The answer is a lot!

Receiving a quote and/or buying auto insurance in Albany can be challenging because of New York State mandated coverages you must purchase as part of the policy.

At The Murray Group our goal is find you the most competitively priced insurance coverage that meets your personal needs.

Quality Albany auto insurance quotes are not hard to come by, you simply must work with an insurance agency, like The Murray Group that has your best interest in mind.

Our Goal is Be Your Insurance Agent for Next 30 Years!

Which means proactively quoting your business to all our auto insurance carriers and watching for changes in the insurance market.

Insurance can be a pain in the rear-end if not done properly… Why should you stress about it when The Murray Group is here to help you?

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Packaging Auto and Homeowners Insurance Together

Not only do we provide very competitively priced Albany auto insurance quotes but we also can package your homeowners insurance or renters insurance together with your auto insurance for an additional 10% saving in most cases.

With other 15 insurance carriers that write both homeowners insurance and auto insurance it’s very possible that you have access to this 10% savings.

Here is what one of our amazing clients had to say on Facebook:

Testimonial the Murray Group


Albany Auto Insurance Quotes Made Easy

Here is the best part of receiving an auto insurance quote from The Murray Group…

If we can’t help you on coverage or price…

If you don’t like the quote…

If you want to stay with your current insurance carrier…


There is no pressure to switch.  We want to do business with people who want to business with us.  If it’s not a good fit… We don’t pressure sell.

And we make the process so easy you’ve lost almost no time out of your life.

The Murray Group wants to be your insurance agent… Heck, I WANT to be your insurance agent.

So if you’re interested in receiving a quote from us?

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Thank you and All the best!

Ryan Hanley