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Albany Winter Weather Home Loss Prevention Checklist

Albany Winter WeatherAlbany winter weather can have a sudden and devastating effect on your home and property.

Its an important Loss Control measure to winterize your home to minimize any would-be damage (this is especially for Albany winter weather which is rapidly approaching…).

Please consider the following checklist a guide to winterizing your home against Albany winter weather (Disclaimer: This list is not all inclusive and losses can still happen despite taking these measures):

Albany Winter Weather Checklist

Freeze Protection

  • Perform freeze protection inspections and be cognizant of shutdown procedures
  • Have a contingency plan with contractors and suppliers
  • Pre-emergency planning for fire, water damage and snow removal should be established
  • Boilers, furnaces, heaters and flues should be serviced regularly
  • Post a 24 hour watch on the building
  • A no smoking policy should be strictly enforced
  • Any flammable or combustible liquids should be safeguarded

Water Issues

  • Tanks should be leak free and pressure should be checked
  • Water temperature should remain at 42°F or above
  • Fire hydrants checked for proper drainage by outside contractor or water department
  • Buried sprinkler control valves and valve pits should be marked in the event of heavy snowfall
  • Fire pump room should not drop below 70°F
  • Post indicator valve, OS&Y valve, and test header to pump inspected regularly

Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

  • All areas of buildings with sprinkler systems should maintain temperature of 40° F or above
  • Cold weather valves should be closed while all others should remain open
  • Windows, skylights and doors should be in good condition and sealed tightly
  • Check temperatures with thermometer

Dry Pipe Systems

  • Dry lines should be checked for proper drainage as trapped water can freeze and cause breakage
  • Check drains located in cold places for freezing
  • Dry-valve clapper should be properly set with temperature maintained at 40°F or above
  • Low air pressure alarms should be provided, calibrated and connected to constantly attended location
  • Low pressure switches should be set at 5 psi which is above trip point of dry pipe valve
  • Air pressure checked regularly with records maintained to indicate normal pressure
  • Air drying equipment available to supply air to system as designed

***Never attempt to thaw piping using a blow torch or open flame***

This checklist is courtesy of Philadelphia Insurance. For more information on Philadelphia Insurance Click Here.  For more Loss Control techniques brought to you by Philadelphia Insurance Click Here.

Loss Control is important.  Much of the homeowners insurance premium you pay is based on past loss history and the potential for future losses.

By properly winterizing your home against Albany winter weather you can mitigate the chance of a homeowners insurance loss and ultimately save on homeowners insurance premiums….

Thank you and Good luck!

Ryan Hanley

P.S. If you’d like to ensure that you have proper homeowners insurance coverage for the coming winter months please call us at (518) 456-6688 or Click Here to Email Us.

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