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Beware of Hurricane Sandy Salvaged Cars

Hurricane Sandy salvaged cars are flooding the used car market.

Hurricane Sandy caused an enormous amount of damage, ravaged and wrecked homes and businesses and destroyed many communities.  Part of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy was damage to residents cars.  Some cars were carried miles from the owners home.

hurricane sandy salvaged cars

In course of clean-up over 15,000 Hurricane Sandy salvaged cars have been collected by Insurance Auto Auctions Corp. and being stored on the runways of Calverton Exectuive Airpark in Riverhead, N.Y according to the New York Post.

Buying Hurricane Sandy Salvaged Cars

Just because these used cars were damaged by Hurricane Sandy doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider buying one.  However, water can have a long lasting effect on the performance of car, depending on the amount of time spent under water.

“Damaged cars are often repaired just on the outside and then sold in neighboring states or other areas of the country where unsuspecting buyers don’t know their flood damaged. Flood waters can cause damage to a car’s computer and electrical systems, as well as potentially causing anti-lock braking and airbag systems to malfunction.” Matt Ungerer, President of TACS Auto Body


sandy salvaged carsIf you’re considering buying a used car in the near future and do not want a Hurricane Sandy salvaged car it’s important that you run a search using the Vin# on services such as CARFAX.

Insurance on Hurricane Sandy Salvaged Cars

Unfortunately there are insurance ramifications to purchasing a Hurricane Sandy salvaged car as well.

When you purchase physical damage coverages such as com and collision coverage it’s important to understand that the insurance company is NOT going to pay for prior damage.

This means that if you purchase a Hurricane Sandy salvaged car and then place full coverage insurance on that vehicle, any of the damage done by Hurricane Sandy is NOT covered, even if the problems arise after you bought the insurance policy.

It’s that last bit that is going to be the problem.  You purchase the salvaged car and everything is great.  But 3 months, 6 months, 12 months down the line issues start to pop up.  If it’s determined that those issues are a result of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy you are NOT going to have coverage.

I hate to be a downer but I want you to be prepared.

Make sure you check the Vin# of every used car you purchase.  Verify that the car was not salvaged from Hurricane Sandy or if it was that you are at least aware of it.

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Thank you and Good luck!

Ryan Hanley, CIC

images courtesy the New York Post