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Buy Me (Why humans still matter when buying insurance)

buy meYou and I, we have a relationship. I look out for you.  I make sure your home insurance is valued at replacement cost and your liability limits provide adequate protection in the event the worst happens.

I make sure you have a comprehensive business insurance program that identifies your areas of risk and addresses those risks as much as possible given your financial perimeters.  I know your town. I know your community. I know the little league your kid plays in, and we support the same local charities.  The weather affects me the same as it affects you.

I’m your independent insurance agent.  I have access to 30 insurance carriers that have their own risk appetites.  I know where these carries succeed, and I know where they fail.  I don’t have an allegiance to any one carrier because my allegiance is to YOU, my client.

Don’t Buy the Name on the Box

Don’t buy the name on the box.  Don’t buy the funniest commercials.  Don’t buy insurance from a carrier just because your parents have used them the last 20 years.

Buy Me. Buy the insurance agent.  Buy the person that is going to have to look you in the face in good times and in bad. You are not a number or code to me. You are a name.

Social media and the Internet are amazing tools (that I absolutely love).  Use these tools to their fullest potential to research and review before you make a buying decision.  Always remember:

WELL-KNOWN does not guarantee GREATNESS

FANCY does not guarantee QUALITY

CONVENIENCE does not guarantee SUCCESS

Well-known, Fancy, and Convenient are nice for sure, but none should influence your buying decision.  Buy the Human… Buy the agent… Buy the relationship… Buy ME.

The name on the claim check doesn’t matter if the claim check never comes.

If you are looking to form a relationship with your insurance professional and would like to receive a proposal from myself and The Murray Group for your business insurance program (including but not limited to general liability, property, workers compensation, professional liability, business auto, health insurance), please pick the phone and call 518-777-7777 or you can start by email here.

Thank you and Good luck,

Ryan Hanley, CIC