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Calling On Our Community: A Conversation with Catherine Hedgeman

By November 18, 2019Personal Insurance

To those who much is given, comes great responsibility.

Making a difference in the community is at the heart of Kate Hedgeman’s law firm. Since 2002, shortly after Kate graduated from law school, she embarked on a career that would change her life and the lives of many others.

Today, Kate Hedgeman owns the Law Office of Catherine M. Hedgeman in Albany. She specializes in Real Estate, Land Use/Development & Zoning, Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Government Relations. The firm’s clients include individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and municipalities. She is admitted to practice in various parts of the country.

There is no doubt that Kate has found her calling in the law.  She believes there is no greater duty than to uphold the Constitution and laws of New York state. Kate knows she can’t do that alone, which is why she founded Stakeholders in 2008. Stakeholders mission is to provide a forum for the community as a whole, from nonprofits and government to higher education and business, to engage in meaningful discussion on big issues facing our region in order to create actionable plans to address these issues together as a community.

As friends and fellow business owners in the Capital District, we are in awe of the positive changes Kate is making in our community. We have a lot we can learn from this  powerful business woman and leader, and we are excited to share more from our conversation with her.

What drives Kate Hedgeman to want to help people?

There was that one time her father saved someone’s life, and it became her mission too.

When Kate was a child, her father and her were out one weekend and went to a fish fry shack on Second Avenue in Albany.  They were waiting for their lunch to come up when someone came in to use the phone for an emergency.  A man had collapsed in the parking lot.

Kate’s father was an Albany Policeman.  He ran outside, and Kate watched him start CPR on this older man who was on the ground in the parking lot.  In a few short minutes, the paramedics and firemen arrived and took over.  The man was revived and lived.  The firemen knew that Kate’s father had basically saved the man’s life.  Her father came back inside and had lunch as if nothing had happened.

It was a moment that had a profound impact on Kate. It was clear to Kate that each life has a personal mission, and there was no limit on her ability to make a difference where she wanted to.

How can people of the Capital District support their local charities?

There are so many ways to serve the community, and there are countless charities to support. The first step is to determine what you are passionate about. The second step is to figure out the best way to serve ( on a nonprofit board, as skills-based volunteer or a volunteer team leader). Finally, consider if your service and philanthropy actually has the impact you want.  If, not, how do you accomplish that?

What advice does Kate Hedgeman have for people entering the work force?

People entering the workforce should look at service opportunities that help them grow both personally and professionally.  Leading a volunteer project and a team of volunteers can give someone leadership skills to advance within their company.  Serving on a nonprofit board teaches you how to run an effective business and the different aspects of running a business. Serving with others to complete a project serves a team-building purpose.  It is amazing what you can learn about work and yourself through service!

Thank you to Kate for sharing her story and passion with us. We are grateful to her for her time and her passion for making our community a much better place. You can learn more about her law firm here and the impact that Stakeholders is having here.

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