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Choosing The Best Insurance Agent in Albany NY

Whether you are looking for home insurance, auto insurance, or business insurance, it is important to work with the best insurance agent in Albany NY. The best insurance agent in Albany NY is going to the one you trust.

That is why The Murray Group works so hard to educate you and offer multiple options. We know that price is very important but so is understanding the policies you purchase. You want to know that your insurance policy will respond in the case of a catastrophe. That is why we meet with all of our new partners and explain the coverages they are buying.

If you have specific questions regarding coverage, we have built a library full of articles for you to peruse. Just following this link to our blog ( or you can search your key word in the white box at the top of the screen.

The best insurance agent in Albany NY is going to the one you trust.

The Murray Group is a family business that has built a team of highly qualified, highly educated people for you to speak with. Jim Murray, President and Founder, has spent most of his life serving the people of the Capital Region. Jim is highly accessible and willing to speak with clients on the weekends. He has tireless dedication to all of The Murray Group clients. He treats each client like family.

Ryan Murray, Jim’s son, follows in Jim’s footsteps. Ryan grew up watching and learning from Jim. After graduating with a Masters degree from Union College, Ryan joined Jim. His primary goal is to make sure that everyone who chooses him as their agent understands their policies and options. He also educates his clients on the importance of a thorough financial plan and the benefits of life insurance.

Lauren Murray and Bridget Murray are Jim’s daughters. They are the ones who you are likely to speak to when you call with a question regarding your policy. Just like Jim, they are equally dedicated to getting clients the right answers in a timely fashion.

Join the thousands of other individuals, families and businesses that trust The Murray Group to provide the best insurance available! Please call us today at (518) 456-6688 or email Jim directly at

The Murray Group is committed to bringing security to our partners lives. We therefore provide you with valuable tips and advice that you can apply in your daily life. Visit our blog for tons of information on all kinds of insurance.

If you would like to receive a proposal for homeowners insuranceauto insurance, or business insurance, please contact us:

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Our phone number is (518) 456-6688 to speak with a team member. Also, you can connect with The Murray Group further on The Murray Group Facebook Page.

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