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Creating a Home Inventory Catalog

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You’ve just returned from a relaxing vacation and find your home has been burglarized while you were gone. What do you do next? If you don’t have a home inventory catalog, you may forget some valuable possessions such as designer clothes, family heirlooms, electronics, or furniture that have been stolen from you and your family. 

Although it may seem tedious, keeping an inventory of your possessions is an important part of ensuring your homeowners insurance is keeping you thoroughly covered.  With a burglary happening every 26 seconds, you don’t want to become a victim of a burglary yourself and not be able to prove what you had in your home ( . Having proof of your possessions may also speed up the claim process in the event of theft or damage to your property. 

With the help of NYCM Insurance, listed below are 10 tips for cataloging your most valuable possessions: 

Essential Tips for Home Inventory Cataloging

  • Be sure to update your inventory with additional items as you make new purchases.
  • Don’t forget to check out-of-sight places like your attic or shed for any valuables you may not see or think about every day.
  • Include your regular “day-to-day” items as well. Things like your laptop, television, engagement ring, couch, and silverware should all be listed in detail.
  • Include smaller appliances and sporting equipment. Everything from hockey gear to an elliptical machine should be recorded.
  • Understand that valuables are not limited to things like your grandmother’s Tiffany chandelier or Austrian tea crystal. Belongings like instruments, jewelry and art should all be appraised.
  • You should catalogue your clothing, but don’t worry about explicit detail. 
  • Do a walk through of your home and take photos or videos of your items.
  • Having a written list of everything you have on video or in photos is an essential addition to your catalogue.
  • If you created that catalogue on paper, you’ll want to keep it in a fireproof safe or in a safety deposit box. You should also consider asking your insurance agent to keep a copy in their office. We recommend that you keep a digital backup of your files as well.

Inventory Example:

5 pairs of Levi Jeans

2 pairs Converse Sneakers

1 Leather Jacket (mid-range)

1 $7,000 Custom Gucci 3-Piece Suit

When completed, be sure to check with your insurance agent to confirm what will and won’t be covered under your homeowners insurance and update coverage as needed.  If you don’t already have a home inventory catalog started, it’s best to start one as soon as possible. You never know when disaster may strike. 

To access NYCM’s comprehensive Home Inventory Checklist and to read the full article, click here.

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