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How an Insurance Agent Buys Insurance

Purchasing insurance is not fun, not even for insurance agents.

Just because I live and breath insurance all day does not mean that I enjoy writing the quarterly home, auto and personal umbrella check.  Nor do I look forward to seeing my monthly life insurance premium payment auto-withdrawn from my checking account.

Insurance BuyingAs an Insurance Agent, I understand the value of insurance, so making premium payments does not upset me, but seriously who the heck enjoys paying for insurance?

No one.

Whether you enjoy paying for insurance or not, building a quality personal and/or business insurance program is one of the most important activities you perform every year.   Insurance agents understand that better than anyone.

So I’m going let you behind the curtain.  Actually let me rephrase that since technically I’ve been letting you behind the curtain for almost a years now.  Since January of 2012 this blog has been a behind the curtain look at How to Buy Insurance.

Insurance Buying in Your Language

What we did hear at The Murray Group was answer 100 insurance questions asked directly from our clients exactly the way they asked them.

We call this the 100 Frequently Asked Insurance Questions.

We answered these questions in two minutes or less via video.

I don’t pretend to even fancy the notion you will watch all of them.  Actually if you were to watch all them right now I’d have to believe you are either masochistic or have way too much time on your hands.

Barring the two before mentioned scenarios I’d ask you to just pick one and learn a little bit more about buying insurance for the safety and security of your own family or business.

The Rub

This is my labor of love and I’d really enjoy knowing which video you picked.  If you feel so inclined please just let me know in the notes which question you watched and what you thought.  This will help me to produce more useful articles in the future.

In person I can only help educate a finite number of people.  So I created these Insurance video posts to help amplify the knowledge exchange.  I understand buying insurance can be as much fun as eating razor blades for breakfast but that doesn’t discount it’s importance

Thank you.

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