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How to Choose Teen Drivers First Car?

At The Murray Group we’re often asked by parents, “What is a good first car for my new teen driver?”

teen drivers first carParents ask us this question because we help many families with teen drivers find NY auto insurance for their first car.  Parents assume that experience has given us great insight into what a good first car for teen drivers would be.

Unfortunately, providing good, quality NY auto insurance for teen drivers has only allowed us the expertise of knowing which vehicles are more cost effective to insure for teen drivers.

What we tell parents is this, when choosing a first car for teen drivers there are three factors to consider:

  • the initial cost of purchase,
  • the vehicle’s safety features, and
  • insurance premiums.

Here is an excellent article posted on about the Best Cars for Teens.

If you are in the process of purchasing a first car for your teen driver I highly recommend taking the time to read through the article.

From there you can create of list of potential vehicles for your search which have a low initial cost, good safety features, and will most likely have affordable insurance premiums.

Auto insurance coverage wise I would keep the following in mind when choosing a first car for teen drivers:

  • NO high performance vehicles, especially older high performance vehicles with limited safety features (You may end paying more in insurance premiums than you did for the car).
  • Airbags, Automatic seatbelts, Day-Time Running Lights, Anti-Lock Brakes, and Theft Deterent Systems all provide discounts.
  • Pickup Trucks & Mini-Vans often rate lower for insurance purposes than cars (Not that your teen is going to want to drive a Mini-Van).

Choosing a first car for teen drivers can be a stressful task.

However, by doing a little homework you do not have to worry about second guessing your decision.  There are safe, inexpensive cars out there that you and/or your teen driver can afford for NY auto insurance.

You just have to find them, Good Luck!

If you would like a quote for your teen driver on auto insurance call us at (518) 456-6688 or start a quote by email here

And always remember to have everyone in your family take Defensive Driving!  The savings are too big to procrastinate on.  For an approved online defensive driving course click the following link: American Safety Council.