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Independent Insurance Agents Make Insurance Worthwhile

I had a prospect say to me last week, “You are only saving me $200. I don’t think it’s worth it to switch.”

$200… $200… $200 dollars…

Insurance PremiumsI stand on a soap box quite often in this blog and talk about how it’s not about Price, it’s about Coverage and I honestly believe that.  But even though coverage is very important The Murray Group is always trying to save people money.

Living in one of the most heavily taxed states in the country (New York), I understand that every dollar counts.  Most people who want Auto and Home Insurance quotes initially interested in getting quotes because of price.

But at The Murray Group we not only want to help you find a great price but great coverage as well.

I’m Paying Too Much

And that is what I got from this prospect.  She started our information gathering conversation with, “I’m paying too much for my insurance.”  Whether or not that’s true has no bearing, she perceives her premiums to be too high, so as a good insurance agent I have three courses of action:

  1. Bring her premiums down
  2. Bring her coverage up
  3. Both

I almost never advocate for less insurance and the reason for that is simple… You are almost never over-insured.  It’s possible, but rare.

So, being the absolute Rock-Star Insurance Agency, we do all my homework, run multiple home value estimators, even drive by the house to get a feel for what I’m working with.

As is often the case this prospect is drastically under-insured (Not her fault, prior agents), about $200,000 under-insured, so I create a proposal that essentially doubles her Dwelling Coverage taking her from Actual Cash Value to Replacement Cost.

With the proposal complete I drive out to her house, re-establish our relationship, lay down the charm, deliver the proposal which saves her ~$200…

…she says, “You are only saving me $200. I don’t think it’s worth it to switch.”

So How Much Money Makes It Worth It

The mental hassle of switching insurance carriers, was too great to save ONLY $200.  That’s like me walking up to you and saying do you want these two $100 bills that I found in my pocket?  And you saying No.

But again, I do not blame her.

Insurance, in general, is perceived as a hassle and any kind of change is thought to be a hassle.

However, I went on to explain that The Murray Group makes the process of transitioning insurance carriers effortless and seamless and that she should no longer worry about her insurance because she had an Independent Insurance Agent in her corner.


The point of the story is this, working with an Independent Insurance Agent like The Murray Group makes life easy.

You don’t have to do the leg work anymore when it comes to insurance.  You don’t have to call ten carriers to get a new rate.  You don’t worry about cancelling your old insurance policy.  You don’t have to worry about getting your insurance information to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Murray Group makes your life as it pertains to insurance, much easier, because we are there to provide options, guidance and solutions to your concerns.  Lean on our expertise and take the stress out of insurance.

Thank you,

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