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Insurance is NOT Set It and Forget It

ny insurance murray groupIt is my observation, that the general opinion of most NY insurance consumers (our agency is in New York so I can’t speak for other states) is that their personal insurance program (think auto insurance, home insurance, boat insurance) is a Set it and Forget it product.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve approached about reviewing their NY auto and home insurance and gotten as a response, “I already have insurance, I’m all set.” 

Now, it is completely within the realm of possibilities that I’m just a crappy salesman, and I do enjoy onions so there is always the bad breath thing.  But I think the real explanation revolves around the idea that Insurance is Commodity (Barf) and once you have it, that’s all you need to do.

Secretly, I’m a big fan of the Set It and Forget It philosophy…

I mean it worked with our 401(k)s… eeerrrrr…

I mean it worked with those adjustable rate mortgages… eeerrrrr…

I mean it worked with… let’s face it, NOTHING is Set It and Forget It.

So why would your New York insurance policy be Set It and Forget It?

As The World Turns

As the world turns your life changes and that means your insurance needs change as well.  The auto and home insurance that may have been adequate for you as a young adult is most likely not going to be sufficient to meet your needs as mature adult.

There are two instances when you should sit down with your trusted independent insurance agent to examine your home and auto insurance program:

  1. When you have a major life change. Examples include:
    • Marriage
    • Birth of Child
    • Buying a House
    • New Job
  2. When your policies renew:
    • That means every year

I am not saying that you need to schedule an appointment with your independent agent and have a face to face conversation every single year.  Most years if there have not been significant life changes or rate changes with your NY insurance carrier a simple phone call with suffice.

What I am advocating for is a diligent commitment to proper protection through communication.

At the Murray Group we strive for relationship built on communication and trust with every client.  This why besides the traditional means of communication such a phone, we encourage our clients to Like our Facebook Page, and subscribe to our Newsletter.

You may be asking, “What about my agent, isn’t that his/her job?”

YES! Absolutely that is his/her.  However, that does not absolve you from doing what is right for yourself, your family and/or your business

We like to think of independent insurance agents as the Batman (and Batwoman) of the professional services world.  We’re extremely resourceful and witty and like to harness technology, yet unlike Superman and Aquaman,  still human.  So don’t be afraid to reach out to us by phone at (518) 456-6688 for a quote or question.

The Rub

Always remember G-I-D… Get It Done.

Insurance is not Set It and Forget It.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley, CIC
Director of Marketing

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