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Life Insurance and the Need for a “What-If” Plan?

New York Times article written in March of 2008 references a very common set of insurance policies that when packaged together are known as the “What-If” plan.

Life insurance and Long -term Disability Insurance are two insurance policies that far too many people procrastinate on purchasing and ultimately forget about until it’s too late.  This is especially true of young adults who have a hard time envisioning a situation where a universal life insurance or whole life insurance policy would be a benefit.

Most individuals interested in purchasing these “worst case scenario” policies wait until either something very bad has happened to either themselves, a family member or a close friend before they see the benefit.

These insurance consumers do not realize that the longer they wait (increasing age at purchase) to purchase comprehensive NY life insurance and long-term disability insurance the higher the yearly premium is going to be.

With a little foresight, purchasing “what-If” plan insurance coverages earlier in life can save thousands of dollars in insurance premiums in the long run.

A very good resource for information on life and disability insurance is  There are many testimonials describing the various products available and how they have been used.  The site is geared towards agents but is certainly worth the time for a consumer.

Obviously, if you questions about New York life insurance or long-term- disability insurance products you can contact our life insurance specialist at (518) 456-6688 or click here to email us.

For your own, your family or your future family’s sake, plan ahead.

Take advantage of the rates available to you at younger ages.

You never know when you or your spouse or loved one may be afflicted with an ailment that creates an uninsurable situation, meaning certain health conditions create situations where obtaining life insurance or long-term disability insurance may not be feasible cost wise.  There are also situations where NY insurance carriers may simply not offer a policy because of a health condition.

From experience, its better to purchase life insurance and long-term disability insurance policies and cancel them down the road if you don’t need a policy then find out you are no longer insurable health wise or able to afford it.

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