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Life Insurance is a MUST

There is a common misconception that only people who have children should consider purchasing Albany NY life insurance.

At The Murray Group, life insurance is always part of the total risk management discussion. You want to make sure that your loved ones are well taken care financially if you die, and life insurance is how you do that. If someone will suffer financially when you die, chances are you need life insurance because it provides cash to your family after your death.

Please watch this short video below to learn more about why you NEED life insurance.

Let’s talk about how Albany NY life insurance may play into your particular life scenario:

If you are married….

Many people think that they do not need life insurance if they do not have children, but that’s not true. Can your spouse live off of just his or her income, and would it be enough to pay off outstanding debt and maintain the current life style? Those are the types of questions you should be asking yourself.

If you have children…

If you do have children and you’re like most families these days, you need two incomes to fund your lifestyle. If you die, you’ll want your children to maintain their current lifestyle and be able to go to college. Purchasing enough life insurance can ensure that will happen.

If you are retired…

After you die, it can take a long time for your estate to be distributed, and it can be costly with tax implications being potentially as high as 45%. Life insurance gets paid immediately, which means that your debts can be paid without having to hastily liquidate other assets.

If you own a business…

If you were to die today, who has the funds to buy your share of the business? A life insurance policy can be structured so that remaining business owners have the money to purchase your shares. That way, the owners get the business and the family gets the money.

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