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Long-Term Disability Insurance: Sometimes the Worst Happens

This is a story about NY long-term disability insurance that I debated telling, but I think its power speaks to the level of understanding that people need to have when it comes to protecting themselves and their family.

ny long-term disability insuranceTragedies happen… Plain and simple.  I hope it doesn’t happen to you, but there is a 1 in 7 chance it will.

My Long-term Disability Story

A while ago, I called a client of mine to touch base. Their NY home insurance was renewing and I wanted to see if anything had changed in their lives that might warrant a change in coverage (one of the many things we pride ourselves on here at The Murray Group).

When the husband picked up the phone I could tell that something was wrong.  I asked him how things were and if anything had happened over the last year that I should know about, (improvements to the house, etc). His response rocked me like an earthquake:

“My Son was hit by a drunk driver… head on collision… He’s going to live but will be permanently disabled…”

My heart exploded…

The son’s accident is the reason that NY long-term disability insurance should be as mandatory and NY auto insurance.  This kid has 60 years of life left… with a permanent disability.

Fresh out of college, he was probably not making that much money, so you figure any long-term disability insurance policy that he could have purchased would not provide a huge weekly or monthly benefit.  But that benefit would be paid for the next 40 years (standard long-term disability insurance policy pays till age 65).  That’s 40  years of consistent payments to help make a life for himself.

Horrific tragedies are not to be taken lightly and I don’t want you to think this is some dirty sales pitch because its not.

This is just a warning, a story I hope I never have to live through and I hope you never have to live through.

That night I prayed for the man and his son and then I prayed for my own family.

But if it does happen to me, I want “How am I going to pay the bills?” to be the last question I need to worry about.

Think about it, then give our NY long-term disability insurance specialist a call at (518) 456-6688 or you can click here to get in contact with us by email.

Its a decision you’ll never regret.