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‘Tis the Season for Motorcycles

Purchasing adequate limits on your NY motorcycle insurance policy is as important as purchasing enough limits on your NY home insurance policy. Now that the sun has come out in upstate NY, many people have started riding their motorcycles, but it is critical to remember that motorcycles can be extremely dangerous.

NY motorcycle insurance is critial, but so is general safety!

NY motorcycle insurance is critial, but so is general safety!

In fact, motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than people in a car, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (as reported by Consumer Reports). So not only is NY motorcycle insurance very important, but so is general safety.

At The Murray Group, we offer NY motorcycle insurance in addition to our NY home insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance and many more.

Here are nine important motorcycle safety tips for riders:

  1. Purchase a bike that you can handle. If you’re a rookie, perhaps you should re-think buying the fastest, most powerful bike that you can find.
  2. Invest in anti-lock brakes. IIHS data shows that motorcycles equipped with ABS brakes were 37 percent less likely to be involved in a fatal crash than bikes without it.
  3. Practice your riding skills, and take a motorcycle safety course. Even expert riders need a reminder sometimes.
  4. Always use a helmet. Riders without a helmet are 40 percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury in a crash and are three times more likely to suffer brain injuries than those with helmets, according to government studies.
  5. Purchase and wear protective gear. For maximum protection, go for a leather or other reinforced jacket, gloves, full pants, and over-the-ankle footwear, even in summer.
  6. Be a defensive rider.  A recent study by the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research found that in collisions involving a motorcycle and a car, car drivers were at fault 60 percent of the time.
  7. Don’t take your bike out in nasty weather. Slippery roads can cause accidents, and rain can drastically reduce your visability.
  8. Watch for road hazards. Bike spills can be caused by small objects like wet leaves and pebbles. Potholes are another serious hazard.
  9. Check your bike for routine maintenance. Before heading out on the road, make sure your signals are working properly, check the chain and inspect the tires for wear and tear.

At The Murray Group, it is our duty to provide our partners with practical advice to reduce chances of a loss. As part of our LiveSECURE 365™ process, we go beyond our original transaction to make sure you are properly covered in the case of a loss. After a loss is not the time to find out you are underinsured.

If you need to update your motorcycle policy for higher limits or to purchase additional coverage, please call our personal risk advisors today. Our best-in-class team will work with you to provide professional advice and trustworthy options.

Live Secure 365,

Ryan Murray

VP, Risk Consultant

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