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Top Five Reasons to Have Albany NY Auto Insurance

By September 19, 2018Personal Insurance

Albany NY auto insurance is a must – because it’s a law you have to have it if you own a vehicle! But there are several other reasons why you should have auto insurance. Let’s elaborate.

1. Your car is a valuable asset. Think about it. You probably spent quite a bit of money for your vehicle. When we think about assets, we usually think about our home or retirement savings. But you can trade in your vehicle for a value or resell it. It may not be your highest valued asset but it’s worth protecting.

2. It’s a necessary asset for most people. If you live in the suburbs, it’s highly unlikely that you can take a bus to work or to the grocery store. Without a vehicle, we can’t get to work to make money to support our families or have food to make a healthy dinner.

3. You have other assets worth protecting. What most people do not realize is that Albany NY auto insurance protects your home, mutual funds, retirement funds, and other assets. If you do not have enough liability coverage on your policy, a judge can try to take your assets and even future wages to pay for a judgment.

4. Your health and your passenger’s health may be at stake. An Albany NY auto policy provides coverage for your injuries sustained in an accident. It’s called Personal Injury Protection, and you should be buying the maximum amount that New York state allows you to buy.

5. Your future income may depend on it. Another benefit of purchasing Personal Injury Protection is that it covers lost wages. If you are unable to work, it is possible that your policy will provide coverage for up to $2,000 per month of lost wages.

We know that you have to purchase Albany NY auto insurance if you have a car, but we also want to make sure that you are buying the proper amount of insurance at the best price.

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