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Travelers Insurance NY Named Top 3 in Handling Auto Insurance Claims

travelers insurance nyEvery year the New York State Department of Financial Services comes out with their Annual Ranking of Automobile Insurance Complaints {click here to view report}.

In the most recent report available (2011) Travelers Insurance NY was named one of the top 3 New York insurance carriers for handling auto insurance claims.  The Murray Group is proud to acknowledge Traveler Insurance NY for their efforts to provide superior service to the clients we represent.

We pride ourselves on working with New York insurance carriers that focus on clients first and Travelers Insurance NY has shown their dedication throughout our over 30 year relationship working with them.  Many Murray Group clients have been with Travelers for 20 plus years.

Here’s the thing about Travelers, you might think because they don’t have funny commercials on TV and the radio or that somehow Travelers commitment to quality service makes their auto insurance rates higher than a company like GEICO…

…this is simply NOT true.  Travelers Insurance NY (the reason I keep using the NY is because products, services and rates change based on the regulations of each state) is an incredible blend of great products at a very competitive price.

Why is the Annual Ranking of Automobile Insurance Complaints Report Important to You?

Too many of us take purchasing auto insurance for granted.  New York State mandates that if we want to register a car to drive on the road we have to have New York auto insurance.  It seems like a huge pain in the rear end, I get that trust me I do… Just because we sell auto insurance doesn’t mean I enjoy making my auto insurance premium payment every month.

But I promise you, there is a reason that auto insurance is important and it’s not just so the government can take more money from you.

If you get into a car accident in which you’re at fault, (god forbid you ever do), that’s going to be a bad day.  The only thing that can make that day worse is realizing you don’t have enough auto insurance to pay for the damage.  That can turn your bad day, into your worst day ever.

What if you have enough coverage but you do business with a carrier that focuses on super cheap prices but hates paying claims?

Now you have to battle an insurance carrier that is supposed to be on your side just to get your bad day taken care of.

That is where working with a company like Travelers Insurance NY comes in.  You don’t have to believe me, believe the New York State Department of Financial Services… Travelers Insurance NY is a top 3 insurance carrier in handling auto insurance claims and we’re proud to offer their products.

If you would like to receive a quote and coverage review from Travelers auto insurance give us a call at (518) 46-6688 or you can click here to begin a quote by email.