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Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is officially here, and that means it’s time for your annual spring cleaning. Whether you are looking to clean your house after a messy winter or looking for ways to spend your time during the coronavirus pandemic, we are providing you with the ultimate spring cleaning checklist.

It’s time to open those windows and get down to it! Thank you to our partner, New York Central Mutual, for compiling this comprehensive spring cleaning checklist:

All Rooms

– Wash all of your windows on the inside and outside.

– Vacuum the floors in all rooms.

– Sweep and mop non-carpeted floors.

– Dust all lamps and overhead lights.

– Clean all baseboards.

– Wipe or dust all walls and doors.

– Disinfect and organize your child’s toys.

– Polish all of your wood furniture.

– Clean and disinfect all door knobs.

– Organize all your electronics and accessories.

– Clean your ceiling fans.

– Dust your wall hangings, pictures and mirrors.

– Declutter by getting rid of unnecessary belongings.

– Remove scuff marks from doors, walls and moulding.

– Wash or replace your curtains.


– Remove expired food from your refrigerator, freezer and pantry.

– Clean the inside of your refrigerator thoroughly.

– Clean the inside and outside of your oven, microwave, dishwasher, stovetop and other appliances.

– Remove all items from your cabinets to clean the inside.

– Dust the top of appliances and other hard-to-reach areas.

– Disinfect your sink and countertops.

– Degrease your cabinet doors and backsplash.

– Clean and unclog your kitchen drain.

– Carefully disinfect your garbage disposal.

– Move your refrigerator and other appliances to dust them and sweep the areas behind them.

– Disinfect your kitchen trash cans.

– Return all bottles, cans and other recyclables.


Clean and disinfect your shower and bathtub.

Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your toilet, including under the seat and around the hinges and base.

Clean out your medicine cabinet and dispose of any expired medication.

Wash your shower curtain and replace your shower liner.

Disinfect your bathroom sink.

Clean and organize your bathroom storage area.

Clear and unclog your drains.

Wait, there is more for your spring cleaning checklist!

Living Room

– Dust the top, back and sides of your television.

– Disinfect your remote controls.

– Vacuum your carpet.

– Wash your carpet.

– Clean and organize side tables and coffee tables.


– Wash your sheets and all other bedding.

– Replace or wash all of your pillow cases.

– Flip or rotate your mattress.

– Remove unwanted clothes from your closet and consider donating them.

– Reorganize and clean your dresser drawers.

– Clean and organize your night stand.

– Sweep and clean under your bed.


– Pressure wash your siding.

– Apply new mulch.

– Clean and repair your gutters.

– Clean and prepare outdoor furniture.

– Clean out your garage

– Wash and wax your car.

– Clean your outdoor trash cans.

– Begin to plant your garden.

For the full New York Central Mutual checklist in a downloadable form, you can click here.

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