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What Boaters Need to Know About NY Boat Insurance

ny boat insurance

Protect your boat, protect yourself, protect your family.

Did you know, that 40% of boaters do not have NY boat insurance?

In New York State the weather permits us to use our boats during a short window of time, from late spring to early fall. But when the weather does break boaters are anxious to get on the water and flock to rivers and lakes throughout New York. When the weather is nice New York waterways become very cramped and accidents happen.

NY boat insurance is your first line of defense against accidents on the water. Purchasing boat insurance could be the difference between getting your family and friends quickly back in the water having a great time enjoying the New York summer or a boating season spent on land with headaches and empty pockets.

Boat Insurance is NOT Expensive

A common misconception about Boat insurance is that it’s expensive. Relative to your home insurance or your auto insurance, boat insurance actually very inexpensive considering the coverage you get. When deciding whether or not to purchase boat insurance cost should not be an barrier.

Considering that half of all boating accidents result in injuries, purchasing boat insurance is essentially a necessity  That means if two boats collide in the water it’s very likely that someone on one of those two boats is going to be injured. Even experienced boaters get into accidents. Just because you are an experienced boater does not mean the other boats on the water that day won’t become confused, overwhelmed and make rash decisions and crash into you.

Throw into the mix that boating in many peoples’ mind is synonymous with partying and alcohol and the entire experience of boating can be very dangerous if not handled with care. So if you haven’t purchased boat insurance because you’re an experienced boater and are not worried about your own skills and navigating a boat, I hope you will reconsider because there is coverage provided to you in case the other guy has no clue what he is doing.

Your boat insurance comes with many features and options for additional equipment contained on your boat including anchors, water skis, flotation devices, fishing gear, depth finding gear and audio and video equipment. When you sit down and actually takes stock of the additional gear contained on your boat besides, the engine and the hull, the cost can add up quickly.

How much of that equipment was still function if you were to get into a collision in the water?

Included in NY boat insurance is the option of purchasing coverage for this equipment and it’s often a very good idea.

Unlike the small amount of boat insurance covered on your home insurance policy, under a New York boat insurance policy you can purchase replacement cost for physical damage to your boat. Just like your car, boats depreciate, but by purchasing physical damage coverage for your boat your boat can be replaced with a brand-new model or at least a model of the same cost that you paid.

Uninsured Boater Insurance

The most dangerous part of boating is not what you, your friends or your family will do, but the other boaters on the water. The most important reason to purchase boat insurance is the uninsured boater coverage. Uninsured boater coverage pays for medical treatment, wage loss and other damages you would have received from the other person’s insurance company had they had boat insurance. When the other person is at fault for an accident and does not have New York boat insurance, you can put a claim in under your own policy to for damages the at fault boater is legally liable to pay for but does not have insurance to cover.

The Insurance take-Away

If you’re going to be on the New York waterways using a boat this year, it’s imperative that you purchase NY boat insurance. Not just in the off chance that you get into an accident and damage your boat, but the health and well-being of the people riding with you.

The Murray Group can help, we have multiple companies that offer New York boat insurance and can provide you with a very competitive rate for the coverage that you need. To receive a quote for your boat insurance call 518-777-7777 or click here to begin by email.

We will forward to helping make your boating experience more enjoyable!

Thank you and Good luck

Ryan Hanley, CIC

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