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What Should I Do If I Have an Insurance Claim?

The insurance claims process can be intimidating if you are inexperienced in submitting a claim. In this video, we discuss what you should do if you think you have an insurance claim.

The most important thing to remember about filing an insurance claim is to call us, The Murray Group, first. When you call us, we will ask you some basic questions, such as:

  • Are you OK?
  • What time of day did the loss happen?
  • Who or what was involved in the loss?
  • What is the exact location of the loss?

By asking these types of questions, we can help determine the severity of the loss. Keep in mind that not all damage or accidents are insurable and/or could fall below your deductible, and we can help you determine if it makes sense to move forward with submitting an insurance claim.

We will always recommend that you obtain an estimate to repair the damage. That estimate should come from a trusted source. By getting an estimate, you are speeding up the claims process and ensuring that your loss exceeds your deductible.

After the claim has been submitted, you will be assigned an adjuster. The adjuster is responsible for ensuring that your insurance claim is settled in a timely manner. As you go through the claims process, you will speak primarily with your adjuster. As always, you can contact The Murray Group with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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