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When is an Accident Covered by Workers Comp in NY?

workers comp nyToday we discuss the client submitted question:

“When is an Accident Covered by Workers Comp in NY”

There are certain parameters for what is considered a covered accident in NY workers comp and what is not.

These are just rules of thumb, the final decision to cover a NY workers comp claim or not always starts with the insurance carrier and ends with courts (if it goes that far).

The accident must have occurred “In the course of employment” and “Out of employment.”

In the course of employment means that when the accident occurred the injured employee was at work location or job site.

Out of employment means that the injured employee was actually working at the time of the accident.

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Workers comp in NY can be tricky business.  Every workers compensation claim is unique so it’s important that you notify your workers comp insurance carrier immediately after an accident.  You don’t have put the claim in, just notify the insurance carrier that accident did happen.

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