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When Must a Workers Comp Claim be Reported in NYS?

Today’s client submitted insurance question is:

“When Must a Workers Comp Claim be Reported in NYS”

workers comp claimWhen an accident happens on the job and an employee is injured there are two time periods it’s important you keep in mind as it pertains to workers comp insurance in NY.

The first is the “Notice” period.  For every accident that happens, the injured worker must give his/her employer notice that an accident occurred within 30 days.  That doesn’t mean a workers compensation claim needs to be filed within 30 days, just that the injured employee must inform the employer that an accident occurred within 30 days.

The second is the filing period. Employers have 2 years in to file a workers comp claim.  The employee gets hurt in an accident and lets the employer know in 30 days, then the employee/employer have 2 years to actually file the claim with the insurance a carrier.

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Basically what you need to know is that NOT communicating with the workers comp insurance carrier for fear of premiums going up can have a very negative consequence in that the insurance carrier may be able to deny the workers comp claim.

We don’t want that.  Not at all.

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