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Who You Shouldn’t Listen to for NY Insurance Advice

I’m talking about your brother-in-law’s uncle and your grandmother’s cousin’s niece who once had this friend that told them you should have this New York insurance company or only to buy this amount of ny insurance coverage or you should only be paying this a year in ny insurance premiums.

ny insuranceThese people, though well-meaning, are not the people you should be listening to when building your personal or ny business insurance program.

I’m sure they mean well, but they’re not new york insurance professionals, they are not licensed to sell ny insurance, and they don’t live, breath, and sweat ny insurance every day of their life.  So, though they want the best for you, they don’t want you to get “ripped off” or “pay for more coverage than you need”, they are not doing you any favors by influencing your insurance decision.

The Independent Insurance Agent

Aaahhhh, it feels good to step up onto my soapbox…

For most people the gravity of the decision they are making never enters their mind, when they choose the coverage for their personal and business insurance program.

Most people do not realize that they are making what could be a life changing decision should trajectory every strike their life.

Independent Insurance Agents live in your community.  They buy groceries at the same grocery store as you.  They fill their gas tank at the same gas station.  Their kid plays in the same little league as your kid.

Independent Insurance Agents care about you, your family and your business because protecting their clients is how they stay in business.

To an independent agent, reputation is all they have.

“Millions of marketing dollars have do they not” (Yoda on insurance).

This is why, even though insurance is boring to you, your agent is constantly suggesting you take higher limits.

Not because they want to make more money, but because as an independent agent he/she knows that New York insurance is about protecting your assets and the state minimums don’t get that done.

The Rub

That is why we’ve taken the Trusted Choice Pledge of Performance, as way of showing you our clients and community members that The Murray Group is dedicated to fulfilling your insurance needs.

Don’t take the decision lightly and don’t listen to people that aren’t qualified and knowledgeable to give you advice on such an important matter as your ny insurance program.

If you would like to discuss your personal, business or health insurance program please call us at (518) 456-6688 or Click Here to email.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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