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Why I Hope You Never Realize the True Value of Insurance

It’s pretty simple really.  My greatest hope upon hope is that you NEVER realize the true value of your insurance.

It would bring me nothing but pleasure to field your, “Insurance is a ripoff… I’ve been paying premiums for 20 years and never used it” phone calls for my entire career.  That is every good insurance agent’s hope.  That you are safe.  That you never get into a car accident… That you never have to deal with a fire… That you NEVER experience that “Worst Day!”

Insurance is an amazingly valuable tool for financially coping with a loss.  But the agonizing stress and mental anguish that comes along with that “Worst Day” is something I hope you never deal with.

A well built insurance program helps to mitigate the financial stress and burden of a loss.  That is the value…  A relatively small yearly payment allows you to continue with your life after a tragedy.

true value of insuranceIf you kill someone with your car I can’t say that your life will ever be the same.  But an Auto policy with Maxed-out limits and $5 million dollar umbrella should help to make sure that life will continue (Notice I said help, every claim is unique, discuss your need with your independent agent).

I just returned from my personal lines CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) Designation test.  We talked about personal insurance risk for three straight days.  The risk you face everyday just driving down the road and your liability exposure to that risk is burned onto my brain.  I worry about you.  I don’t ever want you to have to deal with that awfulness.

But even worse would be dealing with your “Worst Day” having inadequate liability limits…

Insurance is not a joke, don’t treat it as such.

And be safe when driving.  Don’t text and drive!

Thank you.

Ryan Hanley

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