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Your Golf Slice and NY Liability Insurance

As an New York insurance agent, this past golf season has NY liability insurance on my brain.

ny liability insuranceI love golfing. I won’t go so far as to say I’m a golfer as I played baseball in college, (University of Rochester), and baseball will always hold my heart.

As maturity sets into my body and chasing fly balls is more pain than pleasure, golf has become a big part of my life. During the few months that upstate New York weather actually permits, I spend a decent portion of my free time at local golf courses. That does not mean that I am good though.

NY Liability Insurance

I know how bad many of us are because I’m right there with you, hacking, chopping, slicing and sending golf balls flying through the air. As frustrating and comical as that scene is, errant golf shots also create a large personal NY liability insurance risk.

People get hit in the head with golf balls all the time.

This is not an unimaginable situation concocted by some New York insurance agent trying to make more money.  I have personally witnessed a man 25 feet away get hit in the head with a misplaced tee-shot.  This man immediately fell to the ground and was unconscious. An ambulance had to drive onto the course and take him away where he was in a coma-like state for three days.

Don’t let bad golf mechanics ruin your life.

I have no idea how this situation was resolved but I will tell you that the man at fault was in big trouble if he did not have enough liability on his homeowners policy. You are personally responsible for where you hit your golf balls – the golf course is not.

Taking your homeowners liability from $100,000 in coverage to $500,000 in coverage will cost you a minimal amount of money, say $24 – $30 per year. Would you pay $30 for $400,000 extra dollars in personal liability? Sure you would.

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Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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