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Thousands of homeowners trust The Murray Group to provide NY home insurance for one of their most prized possessions – their home. Choose The Murray Group to get the protection your family deserves at the best price available. Plus, save money when you have both home and car insurance policies with us.

Your home will probably be the largest, most expensive asset that you purchase in your life time. So we want to make sure you have the peace and security that you deserve and that comes with proper NY home insurance coverage.

Why Insure Your Home?

If you have a mortgage, the bank will require that you have homeowners insurance. In fact, you will not be able to close on your home unless you are able to demonstrate that you have homeowners insurance. Your mortgage broker should advise you of this during the home buying process.

You may not have a loan for your home, but that does not mean you should not have NY home insurance. A homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for the structure of your home as well as for your personal liability.

Do you ever play golf? Do your children play baseball? Imagine that you strike someone in the face with sporting equipment. That person can sue you, and it is the personal liability portion of your policy that provides coverage.

Who Should Insurance Their Homes?

The following types of properties can be insured:

  • Residential homes
  • Rental, or income, properties
  • Condominiums
  • Mobile homes
  • Secondary, or vacation, homes
  • Manufactured homes
  • Co-ops

In addition, an apartment can be insured on a renters insurance policy.

Your home is a special place.

Your home is a special place. Protect it properly with NY home insurance from The Murray Group.

Know Your NY Home Insurance Coverages

NY home insurance policies can include coverage for the following:

Additionally, are you looking for specialty coverage for those unique exposures? Our fully adaptable policies can be customized with further endorsements to enhance your homeowners insurance. Our clients can benefit from additional coverage options, including:

  • Valuable Articles/Floater insurance policies (i.e. Jewelry Insurance)
  • Flood insurance policies
  • Earthquake insurance policies
  • Umbrella insurance policies (additional liability)
  • Animal Liability (liability issues due to household pets)

What Perils Does NY Home Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance may cover losses to covered property caused by:*

  • Weather: Storms, fire, wind, hail, lightning, freezing, weight of ice, snow or sleet
  • Non-weather: Theft, vandalism, riots, aircraft and vehicles
  • Sudden/accidental: Water from plumbing, tearing/bulging of heating or cooling systems, artificially generated electrical current

* Please refer to your actual policy for a complete list of covered property and covered losses.

In conclusion, if you have questions regarding homeowners insurance, auto insurancebusiness insurance, or would like to receive an insurance proposal, please contact us:

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