NY Landlord Insurance

NY landlord insurance will protect the investment that you may depend on for income – your investment property. Not all properties are alike and neither are tenants. Whether you have 1 unit or ten, it is critical to purchase a customized policy for your property. So you need an insurer that you can depend on if you have a claim, and an agent who can help you find the right coverage. That is why you need a policy from The Murray Group.

Your landlord’s policy doesn’t cover your belongings or liability. Just because you rent doesn’t mean your belongings are not valuable.

Know Your NY Landlord Insurance Coverages:

NY landlord insurance policies can include coverage for the following:

Also, are you looking for specialty coverage for those unique exposures? Our policies can be customized to enhance your NY landlord insurance. Our clients can benefit from additional coverage options, including:

  • Flood insurance policies
  • Umbrella insurance policies (additional liability)
  • Animal liability (liability issues due to household pets)

* Please refer to your actual policy for a complete list of covered property and covered losses.

What Impacts NY Landlord Insurance Pricing?

Pricing for a NY landlord insurance policy can be highly variable depending on some of the following factors:

  • Where the home is located
  • The type of tenants you have
  • The size of the structure
  • How many rental units you have
  • The age and condition of the building
  • Whether your electrical wiring is up to current code
  • Whether you have sprinklers and lighted exit signs
  • Whether your complex has a swimming pool
  • How much coverage you want to purchase

As with other coverages, limits apply to the amount a policy will pay. Therefore, it is critical to read your policy to understand how much coverage it provides. Make sure it fits your needs. The Murray Group can help you adjust the limits if you decide you may benefit from additional coverage.

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