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How Do I Handle a Premium Increase on My Auto Insurance?

How Do I Handle a Premium Increase on My Auto Insurance

No one likes to see a premium increase on auto insurance.

Unfortunately, as with any product or service we purchase in our life, the cost of auto insurance can go up and down.  In this week’s The Murray Group Mailbag, we address a question sent to us via Facebook asking:

“How do I handle a premium increase on my auto insurance?”

The best way to deal with an auto insurance premium increase isn’t necessarily a tactic but a decision on which company or agent to work with. When you work with a direct online insurance company, you are essentially your own agent. If you’re unhappy with a premium increase, you need to do the work yourself to find a new auto insurance policy.

However, if you choose to work with an independent insurance agent, the does the work of finding insurance that meets your needs.

Watch this short video for the entire explanation:

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Ryan Hanley, CIC

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