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Would Your Kids Buy That Insurance Policy?

would you kids buy that insurance policy

I like kids, they’re funny… I don’t have any kids, so maybe I think kids are funny because they’re not mine.

What I find funny about kids is that they don’t have any preconceived notions of things, so what they say they mean and generally give their honest opinion on what their thinking.

As adults we carry preconceived notions around with us all day long.  I’m certainly NOT a psychologist, but I assume these assumptions are some sort of defense mechanism against making bad decisions, such as purchasing a poor product, or trusting the wrong person with an important job.

We’ve all heard crazy theories like “Insurance is a Scam“, “Independent Contractors are Crooks.”  Let me tell you, insurance is NOT a scam and I know many independent contractors and most of them are not crooks.

Are there insurance scams out there, Yes.

Are there crooked independent contractors in the world, Yes.

But applying a preconceived notion to all professionals in a given field is a poor way to go about your life.

Would Your Kids Buy That Insurance Policy?

My point, or better yet, my insurance buying tip of the day (For Free!), is trust your insurance agent!

Don’t act like you know more than they do when it comes to the proper policy to suit you and your family’s needs.

When you sit down with your independent insurance agent take their advice with an open mind and discuss your insurance program with honest dialogue.

If you are uncomfortable taking the advice of the insurance professional you are working with, find someone else.

Find an insurance agent that shares similar background, similar beliefs (read The Murray Group Pledge), find an expert in the type of insurance you are looking for!  Additional ideas include getting a referral from a friend, asking for references, and stopping into multiple agencies.

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I know what your saying to yourself, “My kid believes a purple talking dinosaur is real, your argument is stupid.”

Yes, kids may be naive to a certain extent, and I don’t want you to be naive (that is actually the entire point of this website “More informed insurance consumer”), but your kid believe the purple dino is real because they have an imagination not because they’re stupid or naive.

The Rub

When you go to see your independent insurance agent about protecting yourself and your family by building a quality personal insurance program I want you do as your kids would do:

  • Listen Intently
  • Keep an Open Mind
  • Give Honest Answers and Opinions

This type of communication will lead to a great relationship with your insurance agent and the long-term success of your insurance program.

If you don’t a good relationship with your insurance agent we would love the opportunity to begin building a relationship with you.  To ask a question, find out more information or start an insurance quote you can call us at (518) 456-6688.

Thank you.

Ryan Hanley